Sonntag, 05. Juli 2020


Rebekka G. bei Exalt Travel Ltd.


Cyprus is a big island in the Mediterranean. It is located south of Turkey and west of Lebanon. Cyprus has a long and rich history, as the first human beings settled there more than 10,000 years ago, and is influenced a lot by Greek culture. Since 1974 the country has been divided into a Greek part in the south and a Turkish part in the north. The capital of the Republic of Cyprus (the Greek part) is Nikosia.

I did my internship in Limassol, the industrial center in the very south of the island. It has a big harbour and a tourist centre as well as a castle and many historical sites. I worked in a travel agency specialized in organizing adventurous jeep tours in different parts of the island. The company is called EXALT TRAVEL Ltd and is very small. In the office there are only the manager and his secretary. They organize the tours.

My task was to support them. That means I had to keep contact with the drivers and the restaurants, send faxes, check cheques and file invoices. Moreover, I did price research for the company’s new website, There they offer low-budget airport transfers in various countries. I also had the possibility to experience two jeep tours.

The two months in Limassol were a very enriching experience for me. I met a lot of people who were all very friendly and always eager to help me. The weather was beautiful and the beach right around the corner. I enjoyed my stay a lot and learned many useful things.