Montag, 28. September 2020


Malta ist als Zielland für das Berufskolleg Südstadt aufgrund vieler Faktoren attraktiv:

Englisch ist offizielle Sprache, es handelt sich um ein neues EU-Land, das an Kontakten zu „alten“ EU-Ländern sehr interessiert ist und es ist Standort für viele deutsche Firmen, die vor dem Beitritt Maltas zur EU mit zahlreichen Vergünstigungen zur Ansiedlung auf die Insel veranlasst wurden. Kulturell bildet Malta die Brücke zwischen Europa und Nordafrika und ermöglicht so neue Erfahrungen in Bezug auf Arbeitswelt und Mentalität. Playmobil Malta Ltd. Ist eine von 60 deutschen Firmen auf der Insel; die ersten 20 Mitarbeiter kamen 1971 nach Malta, heute hat das Unternehmen mehr als 800 Beschäftigte. Aufgrund der positiven Erfahrungen mit der Firma Playmobil Malta Ltd. haben wir seit 2007 einen weiteren Projektpartner mit der German-Maltese Chamber of Commerce. Die Handelskammer wurde im März 2003 gegründet, um die Wirtschaftsbeziehungen zwischen Deutschland und Malta im Hinblick auf die damals unmittelbar bevorstehende Mitgliedschaft Maltas in der EU auszubauen.




Kathrin G.: Praktikum bei Playmobil Malta Ltd.

I did my work placement at Playmobil Malta Ltd. Playmobil has about 800 employees and an annual turnover of 73 million euros. There I worked in different offices like Human Resources, Quality, Manual Assembly Unit and Kanban. I really enjoyed my time there, my colleagues were so friendly and attentive. They really tried to show me everything.

My main tasks in the HR Department, for example, were filing documents, updating employee files, leave bookings, printing out different documents and updating all these data in the system. In the Manual Assembly Unit I learned how to assemble the little Playmobil-figures, which was very interesting to see. I also created different Excel sheets, organised the quality sampling system, where I had to check the different samples before they were ready for production. Every day I typed the daily production of each operator in the computer. I really helped the boss of this department to organize his office!

For the reason that Playmobil is a Just-In-Time organisation, it is important that there is an office which organizes and controls the production performance and this is what Kanban does. I helped the Kanban team with the daily updating of injection process work plans. I held time studies on printing machines to see how they were working in full-speed mode.

We had the opportunity to do a production tour through the factory of Playmobil, where we could see how the different parts are produced, printed and assembled. They are very environmentally-friendly and have a really good quality.

We also did a lot in our free-time, especially at the weekends: we went to the beach (e.g. Golden Bay) and visited historical places like the old capital city of Malta, Mdina. We made a harbour tour around Valletta by ship and visited the two neighbour isles Gozo & Comino. In the evenings we sometimes went to Paceville to have a drink and to dance.

Our host family we stayed in was very friendly and I felt to be in good hands there. I also learned a little bit of Maltese which is a nice language but sometimes hard to speak and to understand because they have different letters the Germans do not know.

It was a great experience for me to live and work in Malta for these two months and I am really happy that I had the opportunity to do this.


Andrea E.: Praktikum bei Playmobil Malta Ltd.

I served my traineeship with the company "Playmobil" in Malta. It was a very funny time. I had the possibility to work in different departments, so that I could see the different kinds of jobs. In the first four weeks I was responsible for the post in PG 2 (product group 2). During the other four weeks I worked in the quality department where I reorganized the sample room, where you could find all the toys produced by Playmobil. I also filled out different types of documents. On the first day the personnel manager explained to me the whole production process. The employees were all very friendly. In general the Maltese people are very friendly and always in a good mood. They sing during work or make some jokes. In this way work is always a lot of fun.

In Malta I lived in a Belgian/ Maltese host family. They were also very nice. I had my own room, own kitchen and a terrace where I could have my breakfast in the sun. At the weekends I could go to the beach.


Deborah B.: Praktikum bei Sicons Opto Products Ltd.

My placement was in Malta and it is a very beautiful isle. I really enjoyed staying there for two months, and not only because of the weather!

During these eight weeks I worked in the company "Sicons Opto Products Ltd" in Mosta. The comapny produces LED- Lamps and has 25 employees at the moment.

My tasks were, for example: assisting the finance department and Human Resources in various statistical duties, gathering and processing statistical information for the time management system, setting up an archive register for an in- house library...

People were like a family for me and I got a lot of experience. I am now more self- confident than before and it was interesting to see what it is like to work in a company and especially in a foreign country (or island).

My boss took me to meetings (where I also met the minister of Malta), he showed me various places (sightseeing) like the "Limestone Heritage", where they show how they cut the limestones in the past and now, we were at the audio visual show "Malta Experience" which shows the history of Malta. I also had a seminar at Malta´s largest bank, the "Bank of Valletta" and I was interviewed by a man who issuses the magazine "Go Malta". With Jonathan (the boss´ son) we went to visit Gozo with a jeep. He showed us some special places like the old capital "Citadelle" or "the Window". As Mr. Borg turned 62, we went out for dinner with the whole company and it was really funny.

In my free time we did a lot of things like visiting the other isles and churches or the old capital Mdina, where they make the famous "Mdina Glass", going to different beaches, to restaurants, going out to dance in Paceville...

Our hostfamily was nice. The mother could cook very delicious meals! We also got to know some people and we had two other girls in our host family from Belgium and Germany. Now I am back in Germany and sometimes I would like to go back to Malta.